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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is needed to receive a free quote?

Dates of travel are the most important to receive an accurate quote. The approximate number of guests. If a school/class trip; number of students and number of chaperones. The destination and any specific attractions you wish to visit. To request your free quote (CLICK HERE)

2. What is the process of planning a trip?

After all travel information is received we will create a custom itinerary based on the destination and dates provided. The itinerary without pricing is emailed or mailed to the group contact for changes or approval. Once the itinerary is approved by the group leader we start the quote process. An approved itinerary is needed to receive an accurate transportation quote. Once we receive your motor coach quotes we will be able to provide your travel package cost per person.

3. How long will it take to receive a quote?

Once the itinerary is approved, about 5-7 business days. We must wait for the transportation quotes to come back to us before we can quote a package price.

4. What are the rules for motor coach driver hours-of-service regulations?

It is important to allow enough time to reach your destination safely. Interstate motor coach drivers MUST comply with Federal hours-of-service regulations, which state:

  • Interstate motor coach drivers cannot drive more than 10 consecutive hours (following 8 consecutive hours off duty) and cannot be on duty longer than 15 hours (after 8 consecutive hours off duty)

PLEASE NOTE: Especially for longer bus trips, plan for detours, work zones, heavy traffic, or a little extra time rounding up your travelers. Build in extra time on your trip schedule, rather than asking your bus driver to speed or make up for lost time.

Asking a driver to make an extra, unplanned stop for photos or an attraction might push the trip beyond authorized driving hours (Hours of Service) – so be sure your itinerary is complete before booking a bus company.

If you’re planning a longer bus trip, your group may require more than one bus driver.

5. Is there a minimum number of participants needed?

You want to try to fill your motor coach as that is your biggest tour expense. Motor coaches typically have either a 47, 49, 54, 55 or 56 seat capacities (depending on the coach company). Remember to leave seats available for yourself, chaperones, and if you have a step-on-guide (this rule applies on a per motor coach basis). 35 guests are a good average. If you go above that the cost becomes cheaper and if you go less it is still possible, but the trip cost becomes more expensive. For example, if your motor coach is $4,000 and you have 40 guests the transportation cost would be $100 per person, if you only have 20 guests the cost goes up to $200 per person for the coach cost.

6. Do you offer complimentary packages?

Yes. For school/class trips we offer 1 complimentary chaperone package for every 10 participants. For example, if you have 40 paying students you will receive 4 complimentary packages for a total of 44 guests. If you have 39 paying students, you will receive 3 complimentary packages for a total of 42 guests. Complimentary packages are based on double or triple occupancy. We do not offer single complimentary packages.

For adult and senior citizen groups we offer 1 complimentary package with 35 paid participants for a total of 36 guests and 2 complimentary packages for 42 paid participants for a total of 44 guests.

7. Are gratuities included?

For student/class trips we include the gratuities in the package price per person. We include $2 per person per day for driver gratuity and $2 per person for a tour guide.

For adult and senior citizen travel we can also include all gratuities in the package price or the group leader can decide to collect this on their own. We suggest $2 per person per day for the driver and $2 per person if you have a tour guide.

8. How much spending money should students bring?

This is a personal preference. As a general guide, we recommend $50 in spending money for programs lasting 3 or more days. On some trips, not all the meals are included so students will want to bring $7-$10 to buy lunch if it is not included. We generally include breakfast each morning and dinner each evening in the tour package.

9. What do I pack?

Pack light. Student trips do not include baggage handling so remember you will be carrying your luggage through hotels and airports. Please see our packing list in the “forms” heading on our home page

10. Do you offer cancellation insurance?

Yes. This may cover cancellation penalties in certain circumstances if you have to cancel your trip unexpectedly due to illness, injury or unforseen circumstances. Unfortunately, cancellation insurance will not cover you if you change your mind. We recommend Allianz Travel Insurance. We believe Allianz will provide you with comprehensive yet affordable travel insurance. (CLICK HERE)

11. What documents are required for American visitors to Canada?

U.S. citizens traveling to Canada, by land or sea, will be required to present one of the travel documents listed below.

Students traveling to and from Canada by land (bus and train)

Students, aged 18 and under, traveling by land between the U.S and Canada on school field trips (with adult supervision) will be exempt from the passport requirements. Students will be required only to have an original or certified birth certificate, or a passport if they happen to have one. Proof of identity will not be required.

Students traveling between the U.S and Canada by air

All students traveling to and from Canada by air will need passports to board their airplanes.

Adults & Chaperones:
U.S. Passport
U.S. Passport Card
Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL) – available only in some states
Trusted Traveler Program Cards (NEXUS, FAST)

Click below for a printable border-crossing manifest form for school groups:

VISIT CANADA Border-Crossing Manifest

For further information about obtaining a U.S. Passport, click on the following link: